Did You Know A Normal Indian Like Us Is The 27th Citizen Of The Country? Here Are The First 26

1. President of India PTI 2. Vice President of India 3. Prime Minister 4. Governors of the states (within their respective states) 5. Former Presidents, 5a. Deputy Prime Minister 6. Chief Justice of India, Speaker of Loksabha 7. Union cabinet ministers, CMs of the states (within their respective states), Deputy Chairman, NITI Aayog, former PMs,... Continue Reading →

Some mind-blowing facts related to technology

Only 8% of the world's currency is in physical form, the rest exist on computer only. The computer in your cell phone today is million times cheaper and a thousands times more powerful and about a hundred thousands times smaller than the one computer at MIT in 1965. The first web cam was used at... Continue Reading →

Planet between Mars and Jupiter named after Viswanathan Anand

Anand now has his name written among the stars Viswanathan now has his name among the stars. Literally! A planet discovered in 1988 was unnamed all these days, until Micahel Rudenko, a minor planet committee member and chess buff, decided to finally give it a name. It is now called ‘Vishyanand’. Rudenko said, "My two... Continue Reading →

Some interesting facts and observations about “Playing cards”

Did you know that the Traditional Deck of the Playing Cards are a veritable and most ingenious form of a Calendar There are 52 weeks in the year and so are 52 Playing Cards in a Deck There are 13 weeks in each Season and thus there are 13 cards in each suit. There are... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Indian companies known globally

1.Tata Consultancy Services -Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a subsidiary of the Tata Group, is a leading global consulting company offering IT services, digital and business solutions to its clients across the globe. -TCS is also currently ranked as the 3rd largest employer in the Asia Pacific region, with 371,519 employees as at September 2016. 2.Hindalco... Continue Reading →

The Town Where Everyone Wears A Gas Mask

Heading to the store? Don’t forget your gas mask. Despite the high level of volcanic activity that causes poisonous gas to leak from the earth and in 2000 forced 3,600 residents to evacuate the island of Miyakejima, Japan, some island denizens just can’t stay away. Resting atop a chain of volcanoes, Miyakejima is a hub... Continue Reading →

Have you ever thought of why tyres are always black ??

I guess almost everybody know that the tyres are made of rubbers/ elastomers. Some people think that the tyres are black because rubber is black in colour which is not true. Let me tell you that raw rubbers are almost very light colored and some times transparent also. This brings us to the question why... Continue Reading →

Some simple yet amazingly creative designs of doorstops!

Paint Tube Doorstop Shoe Doorstop The Wizard Of Oz Red Ruby Slippers Doorstop Whimsical Animals Doorstop Cat Paw Doorstop Kenny Doorstop Great Wave Doorstop Zombie Doorstop Ice Cream Doorstop Gold Doorstop Tentacle Doorstop Metallic Dog Doorstop Maple Leaf Doorstop Foot in the door Doorstop   Source  

Indian brands which are misfits in today’s world

According to Marketing fundamentals creating a brand value for a product is extremely important as it translates into trust a customer has on this product. Overtime, as the brand performs better on customer’s evaluation criteria, the trust deepens and establishes a long lasting relation. So, is a brand name perpetual? Again, marketing states that brand... Continue Reading →

Crac de chevalier, one of the finest stone castle designs

Castles gave the ability to defend a position with a small number of men against a much larger siege force. Once complete, the castle could hold out months or years against a surrounding force. The best castles were designed to frustrate the siege tactics of the time, setting up kill zones that would allow a... Continue Reading →

The musical steps in Airavateswara temple

Darasuram Musical steps temple - Unesco world heritage site Tamilnadu‏ Each step emits a different tone of the musical scale. At the entrance near the Nandi bull. Kept locked to prevent vandalism. Darasuram is a small town near Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu state in southern India. It is known for the Airavatesvara Temple built by... Continue Reading →

Some unknown facts about india

Till 1947, A.K. Brohi and Ram Jethmalani used to run a private firm in Karachi. In future one became Minister of law in India while other became Minister of law in Pakistan. P K Mahanandia travelled from India to Sweden by cycle to meet his wife. He cycled four months. The last Nizam of Hyderabad... Continue Reading →

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